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Pauri Garhwal, Uttaranchal, India.



This page is dedicated to GBPEC, where I spend four golden years of my life. Just to remember those days I will try to update all the happenings in the college. Please let me know if you find something to post here, I will.




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I've associated with couple of groups of GBPEC family
1. alumni-gbpec-scholarships (Yahoo group, which gives scholarship to the GBPEC students)
2. gbpec_2k2_passout (yahoo group of 2002 batch)
3. gbpec_bangalore (yahoo group of GBPECians in bangalore)
4. gbpant (yahoo groups of GBPECians of different batches, different locations)
You should join the gbpant, gbpec_bangalore group if you fulfill the requirements. It's fun out there.

GBPEC Alumni Newsletter

click here to download July-Aug, 2006 GBPEC Alumni Newsletter

click here to download May-June, 2006 GBPEC Alumni Newsletter

Events Happened Recently:

#B'days in November: Sandeep Rawat (2004): 5 Nov, Harish Ballabh (2002): 11 Nov, Anil Saklani (2002): 12 Nov, Harsh Agarwal (2003): 13 Nov, Sachin Chauhan (2007): 15 Nov, Pawan Bhandari (2002): 15 Nov, Amit Rawat (2003): 18 Nov, Arbind Dobhal (2002): 20 Nov.
#Diresh Pant Sir are blessed with a baby boy (Shubham). Welcome subham to our lovely GBPEC family.
#Abhishek Tayal (2001) sir has joined Cisco, Bangalore. Nitin Dobhal has joined Sun Life, Guragaon. Wishing Naresh Dimri on his first day of the new job.
#Sharad Sharma (2002) is a proud father of baby boy. Please welcome chota sharad to our family.
#From various sources come to know that Gaurav Tyagi (2002), Vijay Gupta Sir (2001) are tying marrige knot in this December, not with each other albeit with there dream girls. Wishing both of them.
#Nitin Dobhal
is moving to NCR probably on first week of November in search of his destiny.
#Naresh Dimri, Neerak Ji now are in fast lane of traffic because they have bought super bikes.
#B'days in October: Ajaya Agarwal (2002): 2 Oct, Anurag Kukreti (2001): 5 Oct, Nitin Dobhal (2002): 9 Oct, Anil Pant (2002): 10 Oct, Mayank Bisht (2002): 15 Oct, Himanshu Semwal (2004): 16 Oct, Prem P. Pathak (2001): 17 Oct, Vivek Chowdhary (2002): 25 Oct, Bhuwaneshwar Semwal (2002): 26 Oct, Pradeep Bisht (2004): 26 Oct.
#B'days in September: Rajat Dimri (2002): 7 Sep, Sandeep Rawat (2004): 12 Sep, Rajendra Sharma (2002): 22 Sep, Rajkumar Barnwal: 23 Sep.
#Upcoming B'days J P Sati (2003): 28 July, Amit Rawat (2002): 8 Aug, Ravi Dingwal (2002): 17 Aug, Vishal Bhardwaj (2002): 20 Aug, Kamta Prasad (2003): 23 Aug.
#Congratulations Gyanendra Pratap Singh (2002) for joining SAPIENT, US on 20th Aug.
#Vishal Bhardwaj
has landed in Bangalore on 30/7/2006 to join Oracle.
#Ankit Jain is a proud father of baby boy. (4/7/2006)
#Nirdesh Saini is engaged on 6, july 2006.
#Prithvi Pal Singh Bisht is flying to chicago for his Research.
#Upcoming b'days Varun Sharma: 23, june, Neeraj Singh: 30, june.
#Vishal Bhardwaj is moving to Bangalore soon.
#Amit Rawat (Batch: 2002) is having wedding knot on 5, july 2006.
#2nd GBPEC Alumni, Bangalore meet on 13th May 2006.

For more details about GBPEC you can click on the following links.

http://gbpec.net/ (college's official website)

http://kumarashishrawat.tripod.com (ashish rawat, 2002 batch)

http://gbpec.blogspot.com (by sandeep rawat-2k4 batch)

http://flyingdeath.cjb.net (by sandeep rawat-2k4 batch)

http://www.personal.psu.edu/users/a/r/arj135/activities.htm (by anuj ratan jaiswal-2k2 batch)

www.gbpec.com (by anuj ratan jaiswal-2k2 batch)

www.pankaj-saini.8k.com (Pankaj Saini's - 2K3 batch)

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"GBPEC Alumni Meet, Bangalore"
Created: 15/05/2006

Hi All,
   We had a 2nd GBPEC Alumni meet in Bangalore, on 13th MAy, 2006. The primary aim was to interact with other people of GBPEC from various courses/batch, who are in Bangalore. We organized the party in Ramanshree hotel (Richmond cricle), Bangalore.

   As it was expected, we had a funfilled evening with nice snacks and dinners. There were 39 Alumni from different courses/branches/batches. But they all had one thing in common, GBPEC tag. We were suppose to start at 6 PM, but as per IST people start coming at 7 PM. When most of the people had arrived, we started from an introduction session. Everyone gave his/her intro. As usual some light leg-pulling was there. It remind us of those old tough but still nice ragging days. Followed by sharing the information we had about current happenings in GBPEC, or GBPECians.
   Then we discussed on some points, the glimpse of which are:
i) We can have GBPEC Alumni Meet in Bangalore once in year. (Pawan Bhandari, 2002)
ii) Idea of going for some small trip in every 6 months or so. (Pawan Bhandari, 2002)
iii) Idea of printing GBPEC T-shirt for Bangalore Alumni. (Pawan Bhandari, 2002)
iv) Discussed about the on-going plan of GBPEC Alumni scholarship Program. For more details about the program you can visit https://bh-pawan.tripod.com/gasp.html , and download the Vision document (GASP_2.1) and other related documents from there. (Prithvi Pal Singh Bisht, 2000; Pawan Bhandari, 2002)
v) Database of all the GBPEC Alumni, with the information who is working where at which level, so that all the fresh batches can communicate effectively to their seniors. (Avinash Verma, 2003)
vi) Conduct a career guidance program to existing students of GBPEC, so that they can decide about their career well, even before leaving the college. (Avinash Verma, 2003)
vii) Talk to your respective HR to conduct off/on campus interviews for GBPEC. (Sudhir Kanaujia, 2000)
   People were totally into the discussion. It clearly shown that how Alumni is serious about doing something forGBPEC in return. But my watch was showing 9:30, then we concluded the discussion fast and decided to go for dinner.
   Followed by nice dinner, where we had a great food. Apprx. at 10:15 we finished dinner, then half-heartedly everybody started to leave for their respective homes. But before that to keep it in memories we had a group photograph.
   Finally, we left from the place with the promise, and determination in our heart to do something for GBPEC.