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My Precious Words
Tuesday, 13 June 2006
Love story
Mood:  flirty
Now Playing: Tumse yun milenge - Ankahee
Topic: Memories
I had began the compilation, which will take approximately 3 hrs. So I thought I can think over something. It's not a easy task to decide about which topic you want to think, you might try this......Nyways we'll discuss about how to think in other topic.

I was in the mid of thinking, and just saw a beautiful lady in my office, walking towards me on the highway (I call it highway as the number of people passes from it in a day is very high) just next to my cubicle. I guess she was coming from Lab, because that path goes to the stairs and from there only Lab is accessible. Man the lab is cool. If you are not familiar with it you cann't come out of it. It's a kind of bhool-bhulaiya.

Ohhh!!!! I forgot I was talking about that beautiful lady. What I feel is you cann't express your true feelings in language other than your mother tounge. I am hindi speaking so I've to talk to her in hindi, if I really wants to appreciate her.

Hey but she doesn't know hindi :((

Now I should think, how can I start talking to her. As she is in testing team, and I am in developement, we must have some connection in common.






I thought over it from more than 2 hrs, and come to the desicion that there is no connection between us and there is no way I can talk to her.

Yes in the mean time I got a call from paani waala, and I ordered a can of water in the home. Of'course that command is also executed fully. Now I've to get back to work.

I think my new love story was ended even before it's beginning......

Posted by Pawan Bhandari at 8:38 PM
Updated: Wednesday, 2 August 2006 9:05 PM
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Thursday, 20 April 2006
Mood:  lazy
Topic: Memories
Yaadon ke galiyare mein
yaad hai mujhe woh chehre

jinke bina ek pal na kat-ta tha
jinke saath hi humara fasana tha

aaj saalon ho gaye hai unki khabar ko
jinke saath humara aashiyana tha.

Posted by Pawan Bhandari at 6:07 PM
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Thursday, 23 February 2006
Mood:  blue
I want to write so many things, but don't know what is stopping me. Anyways...

My Feelings: After coming back from kanpur on sunday (19/02/2006), I start feeling strongly that there is no life without your friends, family. Professional life is not only important in life. I feel that you'll be more happier with you family than earning thousands of bucks far away from the family.

Working in a big MNC: Where are we heading serving anybody (MNC or Indian company), when we cann't live some nice moments with our family? If you are a great scholar, who is going to get Noble (or some big award) prize sometime down the line, then family is not at all worth for you, but what about we average headed guys? Are we going to get even 5 patents some day. It's not a matter of +ve or -ve approach, just a matter of priorities. Even I'll get 5 patents, the result is more salary with more responsibilities in office. Right? Which will ask for more time in office, which result in less time with family. My question is why we are working, just for money, or to live life?

Now come to the point, how many of us are living with our parents? Did they expect this from you since they gave birth to you. Even you, don't you like living with your parents?

Just think of a situation. You are taking you parents for granted. I mean that whenever we feel homesick, or we get leave we pack our bags and go to our hometown to meet our parents. Now think of other side too. Don't they feel sometime you to come there and live with them. We meet our parents for 3-4 weeks (max that too in 2-3 slots) in a year. One day they will be die in hope of living with you, talk with you about their happiness, sorrows, need, dreams, pain, health etc...and after that you'll live with the grudges that you're not there with your parents when they need us badly.

I don't know how this will make sense, but still somewhere in the deep of my heart I am thinking the same.

Posted by Pawan Bhandari at 4:18 PM
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short poem#1
Mood:  not sure

kuch is tarah basa lo
mujhe khud mein...

ki bhoolo to bhi, na bhool sako. 

aankhon mein apni kya dhoondti ho,
unme basa hai sirf mera jahan
sapno mein apne kya sochti ho,
dekho unme mein hi to hun.

raat ki kashish tere haathon mein
mujhe choone ka suroor hai
chehre pe tere chandni ki chamak,
hai ya mere pyar ka asar hai

Posted by Pawan Bhandari at 3:47 PM
Updated: Wednesday, 2 August 2006 9:13 PM
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Friday, 10 February 2006
Going home after long and the flight is delay
Mood:  irritated
Topic: Announcements
It feels like nothing. You can only curse yourself for not getting the ticket from some other flight. Anyways what to do now, when it already happened something like "ab pachtaye kya hot hai jab chidiya chug gayee khet" nice saying in Hindi. Still we've couple of option, among which one I am using. I am trying to write a blog and make you people suffer with me :D

Posted by Pawan Bhandari at 3:11 PM
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