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This page is dedicated to our GBPEC 2K2 batch.................
Our Aim: Close the company/organization in which we are working ASAP....
To know about the important dates, b'days, anniversaries etc. for GBPEC2K2 batch, scroll this page down.

Wishing Manmohan Kudiyal, Ashish rawat, Madhur Sharma on their b'day on 06-Feb, 21-Feb, 24-Feb respectively and Rajkumar Barnwal, Sanjiv Gupta, Arvind Chakrawarti, Shravan Arora on their wedding Anniversary on 03-Feb, 03-Feb, 13-Feb, 16-Feb respectively.

Happenings in Bangalore(newer on top)

# Ajaya Agarawal got Divisional Award- second most coveted award at Intel. (17/02/07)
# Rahul Boss is in bangalore now. (10/11/06)
# Wishing Naresh Dimri for his first day in a new job after leaving IBM on friday. (9/10/06)
# Vishal Bhardwaj flew for Kuwait for official work. He will get a training there "How to become a good terrorist" (3/10/06)
# Neeraj Ji (Deva) become super deva after buying super splendor.
# Naresh Dimri is living life in fast lane because he got splendor+.
# Vishal Bhardwaj has landed in Bangalore on 30, july to join Oracle. (30/07/06)
# Nitin Dobhal is ready to pack his bags for bangalore again. (12/07/06)
# According to latest news Indra dutt ji is coming to bangalore to visit us on 9th, july 2006. I hope it's a strategic move towards expansion of "MAYAPURI". (19/06/06)
# We had a GBPEC Alumni meet on 13th, May. It was rocking. (15/05/06)
# Ashish Rawat has given resignation, which he had "copied" from Raju Da today. Yahan bhi "ctrl-C, ctrl-V" ka formula kaam aaya. (24/04/06)
# Ashish Rawat is giving resign to his current employer. (20/04/06)
# Team Bangalore (2002+2003+2004 batch) went to Banerghattha Biological Park (National Park) and blast. (30/03/06)
# Team bangalore participated in "Jaamun King" contest and won Gold, Bronze there. Myself got 1st prize (2 days holiday for 2 persons in ooty) by eating 41 in 2 mins, and Ajay Agarwal came 3rd and won champagne by eating 30 in 2 mins. (26/03/06)
# Again, Team Bangalore is rocking their weekend in wonderlaa (India's biggest theme park). (26/02/06)
# Raju bhai has bought Honda Activa, and enjoying the ride. (7/02/06)
# Blore group has blasted the new year in Goa. Snaps will be sending soon.
# Preparations are almost done....packed the bags....Bangalore gang is going to rock new year in GOAaaa.........
#.apne sanjeev bhaiya ki sagai hai 5 nov ko. shaadi bhi jan-feb tak ho jaayegi.
#. bangalore mein chal rahe 2k2 vs 2k3 cricket match ke 9 matches ki series hum logon ne 5-4 se jeet le hai.
#. Raju bhai delhi mein flextronics join kar rahe hai. Bangalore se naata tod diya unhone.
#. Ajaya Agarwal is not joining wipro now, instead he is going for INTEL.
#. 2K2 bacth played a sadbhavna cricket match on 15th aug independence day with 2K3 batch.
#. Raju bhai is joining Mcafee and leaving Siemens very soon.
#. Ajaya Agarwal also is leaving HP for joining wipro.
#. Gyanendra new york ke liye ud gaya hai 16 july ko from infosys, usne company nahi change ki..
#. Rajdeep deb is now in Tata Infotech.
#. Raka got through Infosys, Sasaram is in Mcafee.
#. Gyanendra is joining Manhatten associates and leaving Infosys.

Happenings worldwide (newer on top)

#Nitin Dobhal has joined Sun lIfe, Gurgaon. (20/11/06)
#Sharad Shrma has become a proud father of a baby boy. (20/11/06)
#Nitin Dobhal has resigned from HSBC and likely to join in NCR in first week of November. (9/10/06)
#Gyanendra Pratap Singh is joining SAPIENT, US on 20th Aug, leaving Infosys after 3 years of service. (06/08/06)
#Ankit Jain is a proud father of a baby boy on 5, July. (30/07/06)
# I don't know I shoould put this news in bangalore news section, or world-wide news section? Anyways Vishal Bhardwaj is moving to Oracle, Bangalore from TCS, Noida on 20th July, 2006.  (10/06/06)
# Amit Rawat has got his dream girl and is getting wedding knot on 5th July, 2006. (10/06/06)
# Varun Sharma relocate to Atlanta to join new company. (10/06/06)
# After being master in synthesiser, guitar, Nitin Dobhal is playing "flute" now. (02/05/06)
# Bipul Kuri, Asit Srivastava, Narendra Singh (maa saab) left/leaving for onsite (US/Netherlands/Canada). (20/04/06)
# Harish Ballabh has got married. He didn't send any invitation to the group. (18/04/06)
# Amit rawat has bought new bike (Discover). Shocking news is it is in service center within 2 weeks???
#Let's wish Sharad Sharma, Rajkumar Baranwal, Sanjeev Gupta, Arvind Chakrawarti, Shravan Arora for their married life...
# Sharad Sharma is leaving his bachelor's life behind and stepping into new phase of life with his partner shailja bhabhi.
# Mayank Bisht has got the job in Intel, california.
# Vinod Gupta ji flew for the NJ, US.
# Mayank Bisht has completed his M.S. degree successfully. Good luck/wishes for his future endeavors.
# Indradutt has bought new bike (Discover). Only God knows how is he riding it???
#. Anuj Ratan Jaiswal has launched a beautiful, and useful website for GBPEC Alumni. Features are lot. You must go and watch it out.
# Rajkumar Barnwal (baap) aur sanjiv gupta ji ki shaadi hai same date ko i.e. on 3rd feb 2006, and they are ander ki khabar hai ki they are planning to go for honey moon together alongwith their wives of'course.
#. Snajeev Mehra has also left that elite club on 28th nov 2005 popularly known as bachelor's club.
#. Amit rawat is leaving Lnt, mumbai and joining IBM, bangalore soon (1st nov).
#. Our own Mukul, is going to be papa very soon in november i guess.
#. Varun, and rahul boss got job in US.
#. Ankit Jain got married on 30 june.
#. Pant got promotion and become 'Flight Lieutenant' few months back. Currently he is posted in kashmir.
#. Indradutt has got 2nd prize in music competition in his office. He played "Tere Liye" from Veer-Zaara and "Bin Tere Sanam" (DJ-Suketu Version).
#. Indradutt has formed a band in their company with one guy who is good in guitar.
#. Abhishek Dabral, and Amit Jain has shifted to Delhi from bangalore
#. Indradutt is going to be master in playing synthesiser.

final year holi


2nd year college gate

2nd year ghurdauri

1st year earthquake


rang barse bheegey chunar


cool varun

Important dates for GBPEC2K2

06, Jan : B'day - Naresh Dimari
22, Jan : Marriage - Sharad Sharma (2006)
29, Jan : B'day - Sriparna De
03, Feb : Marriage - Rajkumar Baranwal, Sanjeev Gupta (2006)
06, Feb : B'day - Manmohan Kudiyal

13, Feb : Marriage - Arvind Chakrawarti (2006)
16, Feb : Marriage - Shravan Arora (2006)
21, Feb : B'day - Ashish Rawat
24, Feb : B'day - Madhur Sharma
10, Apr : B'day - Ashish Thapliyal
18, Apr : Marriage - Harish Ballabh (2006)
30, Apr : B'day - Abhishek Dabral
23, Jun : B'day - Varun Sharma
30, Jun : B'day - Neeraj Singh
05, Jul : Marriage - Amit Rawat (2006)
8, Aug : B'day - Amit Rawat
17, Aug : B'day - Ravi Dingwal (Gullu)
20, Aug : B'day - Vishal Bhardwaj
07, Sep : B'day - Rajat Dimri
22, Sep : B'day - Rajendra Sharma
23, Sep : B'day - Raj Kumar Barnawal
01, Oct : B'day - Indradutt
02, Oct : B'day - Ajaya Agarwal
09, Oct : B'day - Nitin Dobhal
10, Oct : B'day - Anil Pant

15, Oct : B'day - Mayank Bisht
25, Oct : B'day - Vivek Kumar Chowdhary
26, Oct : B'day - Bhuwaneshwar Semwal
11, Nov : B'day - Harish Ballabh
12, Nov : B'day - Anil Saklani

15, Nov : B'day - Pawan Bhandari
20, Nov : B'day - Arvind Dobhal
01, Dec : B'day - Sanjeev Mehara

PS: Please mail me with latest happening in our batch. I will try to post it on the website ASAP.