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GBPEC Alumni Scholarship Program (GASP)

Alumni Scholarhip
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What is GASP

With blessings of teachers and the strength of education, passed out GBPEC students have proved their metal in diversified areas. To humbly recognize the value addition this education has done, GBPEC alumni wish to contribute to further advancement of GBPEC. To start with we would like to introduce GBPEC Alumni Scholarship Program (GASP) in year 2006. GASP aims at awarding alumni sponsored scholarships to GBPEC students. We believe that successful execution of GASP for couple of years would set the right stage for more involved activities.
We envision following benefits for GBPEC with this collaboration:
1. A mention of alumni’s involvement in admission brochure to attract good candidates.
2. Foster competitiveness among students.
3. Establish healthy and beneficial interactions between students and alumni: mentor in job hunts/preparations, industrial trainings, preparations for higher educations etc.

Vision Statement

We envision a state where GBPEC faculties, alumni, and current students would work together, helping each other in all possible ways to scale new heights and take GBPEC to heights never imagined before.

What's New?

#We've decided the 5 names which are going to receive first "GBPEC Alumni Scholarship". (18/11/2006)
#Bandana Jeena, first girl and the first on from 2005 batch joined the group. Ashish Rawat (2002 batch), Avinash Verma (2003 batch), Mayank Bisht (2002 batch) also joined the group in July, 2006.
#Sandeep Rawat (2004 batch), working in hyderabad for a s/w company joined us in May, 2006.
#In the meeting we focused and discussed the ways we can improve on it. You can download the minutes of the meetings (see right side of the page).
#We have meeting in bangalore on 5/3/2006 to decide further steps and to analyze what we have done so far

List of Members (Financial Supporter)

Abhishek Dabral (2002)
Ajaya Agarwal (2002)
Amit Rawat (2002)
Ashish Rawat (2002)
Avinash Verma (2003)
Atul Tiwari (2004)
Bandana Jeena (2005)
Deepak Pant (2003)
Gyanendra Pratap Singh (2002)
Madhur Sharma (2002)
Mayank Bisht (2002)
Neeraj Kr. Singh (2002)
Nirdesh Saini (2003)
Nitin Dobhal (2002)
Pawan Singh Bhandari (2002)
Prithvi Pal Singh Bisht (2000)
Sandeep Rawat (2004)

Positions to maintain the workflow of the group for 2006-07

President: Pawan Bhandari
Secretary: Abhishek Dabral
Treasurer: Ajaya Agarwal
Spokesperson: Neeraj Singh

Downloads regarding the program


Minutes of the meeting (05/03/2006)

Names of the students selected for the scholarship 2006-2007 NEW

1. Sunil Kumar (16175) - Mechanical Engg.
2. Vivek Singh (17320) - Computer Science & Engg.
3. Aditya Chauhan (17479) - Electronics & Communication Engg.
4. Ravi Kumar singh (18605) - Computer Science & Engg.
5. Praveen Kumar (18674) - Computer Science & Engg.